This red soil, so full of white stones and with no surface water is not known to the world for its fertility. All but useful for mass industry. But the wisdom of our farmers showed that the Karst region may be globally known for its productions full of unique aromas and ecologically sustainable: natural wines and orange wine, oil, honey, cheese, herbs, cured meats … the list of excellencies in the Karst area is constantly growing. It is quite clear that quality tourism can be an important asset for the Karst region, if it is integrated to the care of the landscape, to the expansion of agriculture and its tastes and scents, to the care for biodiversity, to the encounter of locals and tourists and to the support to those in need. GAL can play a pivotal role in this idea by helping the Karst area towards a global expression of its charm made of peace and nature, hills, sea, cities, meeting of cultures, three climates that blend and a border that unites. If you are a tourist or a visitor, you can have an overview of the things to do in our rural region, on the following pages: TripAdvisor, Turismo Fvg, Discover Trieste, Provincia di Trieste, Provincia di Gorizia.

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